Gastric sleeve budget

Financing a Gastric Sleeve on a budget

So being the anxious person that I am I like to set out my finances as early as possible. This is just a rough draft at the moment because I don’t know if I will qualify for the NILS. If I don’t qualify, I may be able to borrow the $1200 from a family member and pay them back immediately when I get my money back on my accomodation (covered by PHI) and then in fortnightly repayments for the rest. Also, I may not need to pay for meds and I can wait until the pre-op shakes go on sale so I might save some money there. This list is not set in stone just yet.

Things I have to take into account:

  • Pre op diet – $250
  • Travel – $100
  • Accomodation – $750 approx.
  • Co-payment for hospital stay- $800
  • In hospital and take home medication $50
  • Surgeon – $500
  • Anesthetist – $500

Total – $2950

My income: 

  • NILS- Max $1200
  • Centrelink advance- $500
  • Personal savings- 1300
  • Already saved- $172

Total – $3172

Left over rainy day money – $272 approx


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